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Most of the common creature classifications are founded in physical attributes backhanded to us by Mother Nature. Too slim to be a bear but too furry to be a twink? Other factors beyond our control such as age and genetic ancestry can contribute towards these tribal alliances. Young, mature, svelte, muscled, chunky, furry, and anything to everything in between. But if you do, you might deservedly take first place in show for the piggiest around — assuming pulling rank or pork is important to you. While no formal description of the term seems to exist, Urban Dictionary offers one definition dating back to Other similar definitions floating around the world wide web use terms such as kinky, sleazy, raunchy and seedy.

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We could split hairs over how each of those is described in the dictionary, but you probably get the general point by now. The increasing popularity of proclaiming a piggy persona on profiles across dating apps is a reflection of how more and more gay and bisexual men are comfortable communicating the kind of sex they enjoy, as well as discussing sexual safety practices. Ultimately, anyone of us has the opportunity to consider ourselves a pig or not regardless of the kind of sex we enjoy.

Piggy sex might involve all sorts of bodily fluids, which can increase the risk of transmitting or acquiring HIV and other STIs. Harmoniously hog whatever works for you and check out Wanna compare tools? Your email address will not be published. This section contains sexually explicit content and is not suitable for people under 18 years of age. Facebook Email.

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