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Sjerie - Updated on: Comments Change color. Ryan Grace Norbert graciano Im a boy I am a introvert type I get really nervous always and I have been in a relationship before but recently I feel really weird that I don't like girls but I like them but I love boys but not that much and what am I the whole class in my school says im GAY????? Somebody please help if im gay or no. Toronto homo Happy to be nere and very gay.

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Irib Oinir Where are the comments?? I am a girl I don't get it??? Honestly speaking when I see a lesbian couple I think its weird Somebody tell me I want to know your view Aithen E Emily I don't know if I'm gay or not. If I am howriting do I say it to someone. Sean I don't know what to do it said I was gay but I am scared to tell anyone.

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Dina I am girl. I had feelings for guys before, but i never felt butterflys.

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  • Buf now, i like girl and i feel them. Am i gay or bi?

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    Robert Any body have advice for this? Hi my name is F Name is coded And I'm a gay who is afraid of coming out, not because of what they might think or if they accept me or not homophobic math teacher maths is my favorite subject , but because of the change that it may cause in my family and friends, not how they might take it I don't care about how they take it , but how they treat and see me, as I don't want anything to change, thanks for hearing. Emma If you took any of these tests you are most probably gay hi. That's why some have suggested that epigenetics—instead of or in addition to traditional genetics—might be involved.

    Homosexuality may be caused by chemical modifications to DNA

    During development, chromosomes are subject to chemical changes that don't affect the nucleotide sequence but can turn genes on or off; the best known example is methylation, in which a methyl group is attached to specific DNA regions. Recent studies, however, have shown that some marks are passed on to the next generation. In a paper, Rice and his colleagues suggested that such unerased epi-marks might lead to homosexuality when they are passed on from father to daughter or from mother to son.

    Such ideas inspired Tuck Ngun, a postdoc in Vilain's lab , to study the methylation patterns at , regions in the DNA of 37 pairs of male identical twins who were discordant—meaning that one was gay and the other straight—and 10 pairs who were both gay. After several rounds of analysis—with the help of a specially developed machine-learning algorithm—the team identified five regions in the genome where the methylation pattern appears very closely linked to sexual orientation. One gene is important for nerve conduction, whereas another has been implicated in immune functions.

    To test how important the five regions are, the team divided the discordant twin pairs into two groups.

    They looked at the associations between specific epi-marks and sexual orientation in one group, then tested how well those results could predict sexual orientation in the second group. Just why identical twins sometimes end up with different methylation patterns isn't clear. If Rice's hypothesis is right, their mothers' epi-marks might have been erased in one son, but not the other; or perhaps neither inherited any marks but one of them picked them up in the womb. In an earlier review, Ngun and Vilain cited evidence that methylation may be determined by subtle differences in the environment each fetus experiences during gestation, such as their exact locations within the womb and how much of the maternal blood supply each receives.

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