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Burlington, ON 6. Airdrie, AB 7. Langley, BC 8. Okotoks, AB 9. Maple Ridge, BC Kelowna, BC. While, overall, men had a slightly lower average than women, it turns out that there are some cities in Canada where men are very strongly in favour of monogamous relationships - and that many of these happen to be in British Columbia! In fact, Canada's most monogamous men can be found in the province, in the Metro Vancouver city of Port Moody. Port Moody, BC 2. Aurora, ON 4. Chilliwack, BC 5. Spruce Grove, AB 6. Maple Ridge, BC 7.

Burlington, ON 8.

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Prince Albert, SK 9. St Albert, AB Vaughan, ON. Meanwhile, if you're looking for monogamous women, Ontario might just be the place to start. While the survey showed that there are women all across Canada who believe in monogamy, they're particularly concentrated in Ontario, where the city of Stratford is home to the nation's most monogamous women. Stratford, ON 2.

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Airdrie, AB 3. Woodstock, ON 4. Aurora, ON 5.

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Langley, BC 6. Okotoks, AB 7. Whitehorse, YT 8. Burlington, ON 9. Spruce Grove, AB Richmond, BC.

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Why do we see monogamy as such an important factor in our romantic relationships? Movies, books, and nearly all the love stories we are familiar with are based around this single model that says monogamy is the way to succeed at love. That said, ''the study demonstrates that there are actually still plenty of people out there who do value monogamy and want to build a lasting and loving relationship. Ultimately, though, ''the study demonstrates that there are actually still plenty of people out there who do value monogamy and want to build a lasting and loving relationship. So, if you prioritize monogamous relationships or not how can you ensure that your potential partner feels the same?

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Of course, judging by the study, if you have this conversation in Aurora, Port Moody, or Stratford, you may already know the kind of relationship your partner is looking for! That of all of us are doing only a fraction of the work we are temperamentally suited to indicates a whole new way of measuring unemployment. Whatever we may actually be doing, all of us harbour at least nine other employable selves — currently languishing outside of the paid job-market.

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In an unfamiliar — but real — way the official employment statistics are therefore deeply misleading and far too low. There are roughly 33 million people in the UK job market, with 1. But considered in terms of the multitude of things each person could do, there are in reality around million potential working selves in search of fulfilment at any one time. There is no easy cure. But it is also a reminder that this sense of unfulfillment will accompany us whatever we do.

They would bring to the fore different sides of our personality, please us and upset us in different ways and introduce us to new excitements. Yet, as with work, specialisation brings advantages: it means we can focus, bring up children in stable environments, and learn the disciplines of compromise.

In love and work, life requires us to be specialists even though we are by nature equally suited for wide-ranging exploration. And so we will necessarily carry about within us, in embryonic form many alluring versions of ourselves which will never be given the proper chance to live.

Our suffering is painful but it has a curious dignity to it, because it does not uniquely affect us as individuals. It applies as much to the CEO as to the intern, to the artist as much as to the accountant. Everyone could have found so many versions of happiness that will elude them. In suffering in this way, we are participating in the common human lot.

We may with a certain melancholic pride remove the job search engine from our bookmarks and cancel our subscription to a dating site in due recognition of the fact that — whatever we do — parts of our potential will have to go undeveloped and have to die without ever having had the chance to come to full maturity — for the sake of the benefits of focus and specialisation. Some of what makes office life awkward is that it asks us to tread a fine line between being, on the one hand, efficient and focused, and on the other, genial….

We typically aim for a particular career because we have been deeply impressed by the exploits of the most accomplished practitioners in the field. We formulate our ambitions by admiring the…. The church of the fourteen helpers in Bavaria was built about two hundred and fifty years ago.

But, strange as it might sound, the ideas that led to its construction are….