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You can spend each night partying or get up early to ski every morning. You can come without any plans or take advantage of every minute and be part of the different activities. Sign up to the newsletter! Whether you want to ski or prefer to stay in the resort, we have many activities. Will you be able to do everything? This year we have a record of beds: Choose your ideal accommodation among the 4 hotels and apartment buildings that are included in the Snow Gay Weekend After the success of last year, we have extended this edition of the Snow Gay Weekend to one more day.

This will make it easier for you to miss absolutely nothing. Take a look at the activities program and start today to plan the festival of your dreams.

"Gay Dating" Discussion (Online Dating,Gay ski week & Gay pride parade)

Friends, diversity and a lot of snow. Press play and experience the last edition of the Snow Gay Weekend. Sign up and be part of it! Throughout baggage claim, I spotted bleach-blonde heads and tree-trunk thighs, thick enough to crush my body between them like a Coke can. Their hulking shoulders carried skis, snowboards, helmets, and other equipment I most assuredly will not attempt to name because I know absolutely nothing about skiing.

And this is where I come clean to you, dear reader.

Telluride Gay Ski Week – A week of skiing, fun, and excitement–learn more about TGSW

The real reason for my cynicism. I am here for the nationally celebrated holiday of Gay Ski Week, and I really, really hate skiing. I have little-to-no hand-eye coordination and a stressful center of gravity. The one time I went skiing in Boy Scout camp, I wiped out on Green Circle hill and twisted my body so hard I popped my hip out of place. That was really it for me on the whole skiing thing — and Austin Reilly can choke tbh.

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But I am here in Aspen for the iconic Gay Ski Week even though I fucking hate skiing, because I am willing to give ski culture another chance, for God, the gays, and my country. I was approached with the opportunity by Wingman , a dating app where your friends fill out dating profiles for you and copilot your love life. With their hospitality, Wingman put me up for the weekend to overcome my cynicism and reintroduce me to the culture of skiing, as well as the gay dating scene, during this event. The world's first gay ski week was produced in the late s, right here in this colorful little ski town.

The premise, as loosely put as possible, is to celebrate gay culture and ski culture in one jam-packed week of fun, sport, and parties.

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On a state level, this year was a historic one for Colorado. Colorado also made history this year welcoming into office Gov. Jared Polis, the first openly gay governor in the United States. So, despite my sour feelings toward the sport, it was an exciting time to be there, and my mind was reopened!

About the European Gay Ski Week

As ominous a sign as that was, I was not all that surprised. I dig it, to be honest; the crowd that attends Gay Ski Week is not just a fun one, but incredibly kind and courteous — a standout quality of the culture. I arrived at a gondola port that took me a cute 7, feet into the air in the dead of night, dropping me off at a large cabin at the top of a literal mountain, where inside a party waited. Inspired by the 80s ballroom scene of Pose , according to the Gay Ski Week site, hundreds of gays and their friends danced atop the mountain with not a care in the world.

One guy walks up to me and compliments my truly unimpressive chest hair.